Never before in history has the urgency to confront sustainability challenges been as pronounced as it is today, spanning the domains of climate and soil transformation, pollution, heightened consumption, diminishing biodiversity, and the collapse of ecosystems.

Asia Innovation and Knowledge Academy promotes entrepreneurial platforms that foster collaboration across technical and scientific disciplines. These platforms aim to create pioneering technologies, products, and services, that empower individuals to enhance their lives, communities, and environments.

The Power of Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is a driving force behind innovation and economic growth. It’s about identifying opportunities, innovating, taking risks, and creating value. When applied to environmental challenges, entrepreneurship can be a catalyst for change.

Our Platforms:  The landscape of business is in the midst of a profound transformation, shifting from the conventional linear value chains towards fostering collaborative value partnerships, all while embracing innovative technologies.

In harmony with the core principles of a “Knowledge Economy” and the emerging “Collaboration Economy,” we have curated a range of resourceful initiatives and innovation platforms. These spaces and programs serve as a nexus where industry leaders, dynamic entrepreneurs, emerging startups, policymakers, international organizations, trade bodies, business associations, academia, and civil society can unite.

What We Do


  • AIKA BORDERS - Encourage collaboration and partnerships to save time and resources, instead of constantly reinventing the wheel.
  • AIKA BUILD - Promoting originality in Innovation.
  • Resources that will accelerate technology transfer and commercialization of innovative products.
  • Mentorship and Partnerships for faster market adaption & creating new products.
  • Leveraging resources and saving costs.
  • Creating new ventures in the value chain.
  • Encouraging backward integration and local manufacturing.
  • Promoting the Indian Governments “Make in India” initiatives.


  • Disruption across all sectors by new technologies & SDG Goals.
  • India is a USD 11 trillion market opportunity in SDG’s and climate change innovations by 2030.
  • India will soon become the third-largest consumer market behind only the US and China.
  • India has the third-largest Start-Up ecosystem in the world.
  • India is poised to absorb about USD 450 billion worth of capital in the next 5 years.
  • Social commerce in India, will be around USD 70 billion by 2030.
  • Accessible market has a population of 1.7 billion (India & Subcontinent).

Combining profit
& purpose to benefit the planet.

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