Who we are

Inspiring Others: We are confident that our journey can serve as an inspiration to individuals who share our passion, encouraging them to embark on similar initiatives and bolstering collective efforts to address environmental challenges.

At Asia Innovation and Knowledge Academy, our various ventures are fuelled by our team's dedication to providing innovative solutions for critical sustainability issues in India and globally. Our team comprises accomplished entrepreneurs and industry veterans with expertise in senior management, education, marketing, branding, IT, startup mentorship, legal matters, private equity, and more.

We value diversity and teamwork, recognizing the significance of collaborative perspectives. We actively engage with a growing network of forward-thinking specialists worldwide, furthering our mission to foster collaborations among businesses, research, and talent to create industry-leading ventures.

Senior Management Team

Prashant Vales
Venu Terdal
Rajeev Tandon
David Boddy
Board Member
Vinay K. Piparsania
Board Member
Wasif Ali
Director, University Relationships.
Anthony Gaskell
Rajeev Kashikar
Victoria Jones
Program Manager, UK desk
James Harding
Director, University Relationships
Mark Eagers
Program Manager, UK desk
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